Illustrated Personalized Book


A basic story full of your dog’s name and words he knows. 12 pages, polyester fabric, machine washable. 8×5 inches.

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Order a personalized book using your dog’s name, words he knows, and commands he understands. Then we’ll use your words to create a story about him that gets him engaged. You choose the words; we’ll make a book he’ll love.

He’ll get excited hearing a book he can understand…cover to cover! You’ll love seeing the head tilts and tail wags because you’re bonding with him in a fresh new way.

Personalized Illustrations

You can choose the color that best matches your dog so the illustrated pup looks like him!

Good for Kids, Too!

Your dog will love his personalized book, but he’s not the only one! You’re also investing in a great tool to help your kids practice reading! Research shows that kids who read to dogs gain confidence that boosts literacy, because dogs are a nonjudgmental audience. Even better? If the dogs understand what kids are reading! Help your child feel encouraged in their reading skills as they see how excited their dog is to hear them read.

Printed on Fabric

The book is 12 pages, including covers, and is printed on polyester fabric using dye sublimation, which safely fuses the ink into the fabric.

Although this is not recommended as a chew toy, it will withstand gentle interaction from your dog. And if your dog gets it dirty? Throw it in the washing machine.

Dogs love the floppy structure of their books!

Lovingly Handmade

Every book is lovingly handmade to ensure quality. Plus, the books were inspired by my dog! Biscuit loves hearing me read him the “Biscuit” children’s series. He especially likes the original Biscuit book, because his name is on every page and it’s full of other words he knows. But he’s played with the book, and the cover is all chewed and torn. I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if all dogs could hear stories with their name? And wouldn’t it be even better if the books could hold up to the love of a pup?” So I created Waggity Tales!

Help Shelter Dogs

Your purchase benefits shelter animals! 10% of all profits will be donated to Larimer Humane Society.

Product dimensions: 8×5 inches

Get ready for a tail waggin’ good time!

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