3 Ways to Celebrate Easter With Your Dog

Easter is just around the corner, and there’s no reason to leave your pups out of the fun! Try these fun holiday activities with your pooch.


Get photos with the Easter Bunny.


Participating Petco locations are having free photos with the Easter Bunny on Saturday, April 20 from 11am-1pm local time. Similarly, Petsmart is having their photo ops from noon to 4pm on both April 13 and 14. And local pet supply shops often have their own Easter Bunny events, so be sure to check your local stores.

Do an Easter egg hunt.


Fill some treats with plastic eggs and hide them around your house or yard. Not only will your dogs be able to find and enjoy the eggs with this great nose work challenge, but they’ll also get mental stimulation! You may start with the eggs in plain sight, but make the challenge harder as your dog gets used to the activity.

Make an Easter basket.


What dog doesn’t love presents? So why not give a whole basket full of his favorite toys, treats, and his own personalized book? You can get 20% off a book for your pup at waggitytales.com, now through April 20, 2019. He’ll love being able understand his book as you read it to him! Plus, the fabric book can hold up to gentle play, pawing, and mouthing. You can choose from illustrations or add your dog’s own photos!


We’d love to see pictures of your pups celebrating the holiday! Tag our Facebook page in your posts with fun Easter pictures for a chance to win a free birthday edition of a book for your dog! This not-yet-released book will tell a fun story of your dog celebrating her birthday! And if you don’t win it, stay tuned! We’ve got this fun edition coming out sometimes soon in 2019!