Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Dog

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Got a pup for a valentine? What better time to show your dog how much you love him?

1. Bake them Valentine treats.

Check out this Pinterest board for a lot of yummy dog treat recipes. Or use my dogs’ favorite: blueberry treats! Make them heart shaped for an added touch.

2. Sing and talk to them.

You don’t have to be musical to sing to your dog. They won’t judge you for being too pitchy or off-key. Just stick their name and words they know into a pop song, an old hymn, or a nursery song, and they’ll love it! If you’re still not so sure about singing, that’s okay. 96% of people talk to their dogs in a conversational way. And you can guide your conversation by reading them a book they can understand…cover to cover! Check it out here.

3. Play their favorite game…as long as they want.

You know what game your dog loves most. Endless fetch? Carve out some time to play until your dog is tired. My dog Biscuit is confused by fetch, but he loves to play “Knock It Over,” a game where I prop up paper and he knocks it over on command. My other dog, Peanut, loves to wrestle with a lion puppet. Whatever it is, don’t cut the game short! Make sure they have plenty of time to play!

4. Buy a fun new toy for Valentine’s Day.

How about a unique one they’ll love…like their own book! You put in the words your dog knows, and you’ll get a book they can understand. But it’s more than just a book. Because it’s printed on fabric, your dog can paw at it while you read, or even give it a gentle chew. Check it out here! (From now through 2/14/18, use the coupon code “Valentine” to save 10%.)

5. Scratch them in just the right spot.

We asked our Facebook fans recently…what’s your dog’s favorite spot to get a scratch? Base of the tail was the most popular answer, but other dogs preferred their ears, their belly, or their back. Whatever gets your dog’s leg going…scratch that spot! (It’s a great activity to do while you read to them.)