Donation: 10% of Profits Help Shelter Animals

Did you know that when you purchase a book for your dog, you help shelter animals, too? Waggity Tales donates 10% of all profits to help shelter animals at Larimer Humane Society. So your dog gets a fun new activity, and you help make a donation to animals in need!

Volunteering at Larimer Humane Society

I’ve volunteered with Larimer Humane Society for a few years now. They’re an amazing open-admission shelter. They’ll take in any animal smaller than a pig. My role as a volunteer includes a hodge-podge of tasks, including writing from home, helping with special events, and random projects. I’ve drilled holes in PVC pipes to make scent sticks, tied blankets together for cats, baked cookies for humans, baked treats for puppies, assembled mailings, and more. Sometimes, my critters lend a helping paw.

My cat, Daisy “helping” with a mailing project for Larimer Humane Society

Making a Donation to Amazing Animal Care

My cat Daisy comes from Larimer Humane Society, and she definitely needed special care. At the age of 9 months, she’d been through two homes. Her first family had her declawed, and the vet who did it left painful bone fragments behind. When her second family discovered the problem, they were unable to help her, and brought her to Larimer Humane Society. Through a partnership with Colorado State University’s vet school, Larimer Humane Society provided Daisy with a surgery to get the bone fragments removed. They placed her in foster care until she recovered, and then I found her.

Daisy’s story is one of so many amazing stories of Larimer Humane Society helping animals in need. As a writer for the shelter, I’ve gotten to talk to dozens of adopters who’ve shared touching stories with me. Larimer Humane Society is devoted to helping animals overcome any health obstacles and find people who will love them.

Making a Donation to Behavior Enrichment

Larimer Humane Society doesn’t just take dogs for a daily walk and call it good. They have a dedicated behavior enrichment program where staff and (mostly) volunteers help mentally stimulate animals.

I’ve been able to be a part of one such initiative. For a while, I helped with clicker training. Not only did this provide mental stimulation for dogs, it helped them overcome behavioral obstacles so they could more easily find good homes.

Beyond that, Larimer Humane Society has behavior enrichment toys and games, including the scent sticks I made. They have a monthly calendar to provide different kinds of exciting experiences for dogs and cats in their care.

Making a Donation to a High-Quality Shelter

For a long time, Larimer Humane Society was located in an old, dilapidated building. Dogs had a hard time passing each other in the narrow hallways. The space was somewhat limited.

But in 2017, through a sales-tax initiative and other fundraising, Larimer Humane Society was able to open a new shelter. This state-of-the-art shelter offers amazing pavillions where dogs can run and play on astroturf indoors during inclement weather. There are separate areas for large dogs, medium dogs, and small dogs, with kennels sized to match. But even the little dog kennels are bigger than the largest kennel at the old shelter! Cat habitats have separate compartments for litter boxes, so cats don’t have to sleep and eliminate in the same cage. Some of the cat habitats have shelving to jump on, or even access to an outdoor catio!

The shelter also includes an amazing veterinary area, where animals can receive much of the medical care they need right on site.

This amazing facility is a huge blessing, but it will cost money to upkeep. Your book will help support a better life for pets while they await their forever homes.

So buy a book and help make a difference! To find out more about Larimer Humane Society, click here.