If you're a dog parent, you probably talk to your dog all the time! But what if you could read to your dog?

Now you can! With Waggity Tales personalized dog books, we'll not only fill in your dog's name...we'll create a book full of words your dog knows.

About Us

Waggity Tales is inspired by my dog Biscuit. He loves hearing me read him the "Biscuit" children's series. He especially likes the original Biscuit book, because his name is on every page and it's full of other words he knows. But he's played with the book, and the cover is all chewed and torn. I thought...wouldn't it be great if all dogs could hear stories with their name? And wouldn't it be even better if the books could hold up to the love of a pup?

And from there, Waggity Tales was born.


Unlike personalized photobooks that only include your dog's name, your customized Waggity Tales book will be full of words your dog understands. Get ready for a tail waggin' good time!


Because it's printed on fabric, your dog can interact with the book. He can paw at the pages-even give them a little lick-and they'll handle his affection. While these books aren't designed for an intense game of tug-of-war, they'll hold up to gentle play, and they're easy to clean.


Did you know that many libraries and after-school literacy programs allow kids to read to dogs? Kids feel confident reading to dogs because dogs won't judge them if they mess up or read slowly. Not only will dogs not judge the reader-they'll respond with enthusiasm!