Books for Dogs: What Real Dog Owners are Saying

When I’m going to make a purchase, I love to read reviews and see what other users thought of the product. If you’re like me, check out our Facebook page where you can see our 5-star reviews! Here are what real customers are saying about their dogs’ personalized books.   Dogs Love Their Books “Claire…read more

Dog Days: 15 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog

Want to find new ways to have fun with your dog? Try these 15 fun activities!   Read to your dog Get your dog his very own book! These personalized books are full of your dog’s name and words he can understand. He’ll love hearing you read a book with his vocabulary! Take your dog for a…read more

The Gift Every Dog Wants: It’s All About Him!

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Safety First: How We Ensure Your Dog’s Book Is Safe

Safety was my top priority when Biscuit inspired me to make books for dogs. I knew they needed to be on fabric—Biscuit’s paperback book was in tatters—but I didn’t want to have any kind of ink on the surface of the fabric because I was concerned about toxicity. First, I explored embroidery. I discovered embroidery…read more

Training Your Dog: 4 Positive Tips

Training dogs doesn’t have to be a stressful task—for you or your dog. It can be a great time to bond with your pup! By using positive reinforcement like treats or praise when they do what you want, you’re speaking their language. Dogs love to please us! Here are some training tips to make training…read more

7 Ways to Maximize Reading Time With Your Dog

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Books for Dogs: A Unique Pet Product

Want a unique thing to do with your dog? Waggity Tales books are the only books intended for dogs. There are other books out there that might have stories about your pet, or with your pet’s picture, but only Waggity Tales is for your dog. Words They Know We customize your entire book, not just…read more