Foxtails: Your Dog’s Worst Enemy

Foxtails. I’ve lived in Colorado for 10 years and never realized how dangerous they are. In fact, I only vaguely knew what they were. And then one day, Biscuit walked into the room with his ears droopier than normal. They looked weird. So I examined his ears, and although I couldn’t see any redness, anything…read more

Canine Enrichment: 5 Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

Looking to stimulate your dog’s brain? Try these fun canine enrichment ideas! Canine Enrichment Idea #1: Hide Easter Eggs With Treats Inside With your dogs out of the room, fill some Easter eggs with treats and hide them around the room. Start off with the eggs in plain sight, and get harder as your dogs get…read more

Multidog Homes: 9 Rules Your Dogs Made Up

Do you have a multidog household? If you do, maybe you’ll recognize some of these rules your dogs have set for each other. 1) If I didn’t want it, but then I found out you want it…it’s mine. via GIPHY 2) If our human brings home two identical toys, I only want the one you’re…read more

Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Dog

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Got a pup for a valentine? What better time to show your dog how much you love him? 1. Bake them Valentine treats. Check out this Pinterest board for a lot of yummy dog treat recipes. Or use my dogs’ favorite: blueberry treats! Make them heart shaped for…read more

Donation: 10% of Profits Help Shelter Animals

Did you know that when you purchase a book for your dog, you help shelter animals, too? Waggity Tales donates 10% of all profits to help shelter animals at Larimer Humane Society. So your dog gets a fun new activity, and you help make a donation to animals in need! Volunteering at Larimer Humane Society I’ve volunteered with…read more

Helping a Grieving Pet Parent

This Monday would be my dog Buttercup’s 19th birthday. Unfortunately, she only made it to twelve and a half. As a miniature poodle, I didn’t expect her to live to 19 (though you always hope you have one of those record-breaking dogs), but her life expectancy was longer than twelve and a half. Her unexpected…read more

11 Ways to Make Halloween Less Spooky for Your Dog

Some of us humans love a good spook around Halloween! But dogs don’t. Keep your Halloween dog-friendly and spook-free this year. Don’t Force Them to Dress Up for Halloween I’m not saying costumes on dogs are bad. My dogs love wearing costumes! But some dogs don’t. Recognize your dog’s preferences. If he’s moving awkwardly or…read more

Reading to Dogs & Boosting Literacy Skills

Reading is a crucial skill to success in school—and ultimately in life. When children are late in learning to read, it can set back their entire educational path and even increases the likelihood of prison in adult life. To help strengthen literacy skills, many libraries, schools and after school programs have found a creative way…read more

Books for Dogs: Tested for Durability

Since Waggity Tales books are made first and foremost for dogs, durability was an important factor in creating my prototype. I wanted to make sure Waggity Tales books could withstand dog play rougher than I recommend. That’s why I had Peanut and Biscuit play with, tug, and chew on my first prototype. As the prototype evolved…read more